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Meet the Owners

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Packaged Jamaican Patties

Our Ingredients


Our menu is plant-based because it's good for our health and for the planet's. Even so... we've had people ask us, "Are you sure this isn't meat?"

All items on our menu are plant-based, with the possible exception of honey. Anything with honey will have this clearly noted in the item description.

Locally Sourced and Sustainably Grown

We source our ingredients locally as much as possible. We also use many organic ingredients, especially when it comes to the "dirty dozen." Again, it's good for our health and for the planet's!

What's Gluten Free Friendly?

Gluten Free Friendly means all ingredients used in the making of that dish are gluten-free, however they are cooked in a facility where wheat is also used. We do our best to keep everything separate and carefully clean machinery to avoid contamination, however we cannot guarantee it is completely gluten free.

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