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About Us

Tierra Todun is a locally owned, family business in Austin, TX. Our food is inspired by our own multi-cultural roots in the African diaspora, Indian cuisine, Latin-American culture, and more.

Our entire menu is plant-based (vegan) and we pride ourselves on making everything from scratch using quality ingredients (see below). If we wouldn't feed it to our family, we wouldn't feed it to you!

We founded Tierra Todun with a vision of having a business that gives back and takes care of the earth. The name itself means “Sweet Earth.” Tierra is Spanish for "Earth" and Todun is Yoruba for "sweet". We rely on the earth for our food, so as consumers and producers of food, we are developing sustainable practices that are mindful of our impact on the earth and the people who work with us.

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Our Ingredients


Our entire menu is plant-based because it's good for our health and for the planet's. Even so... people occationally ask us, "Are you sure this isn't meat?" when tasting the Curry Beefless Patty!

Plant-based means that not only is it vegan (does not contain animal products), our ingredients are based on whole foods as much as possible.

Locally Sourced and Sustainably Grown

A majority of our ingredients are organic, especially when it comes to the "dirty dozen." We also source local ingredients when possible. Again, it's good for our health and for the planet's!

What's Gluten Free Friendly?

Gluten Free Friendly means all ingredients used in the making of that dish are gluten-free, however they are cooked in a facility where wheat is also used. We do our best to keep everything separate and carefully clean machinery to avoid contamination, however we cannot guarantee it is completely gluten free.

Meet the Team

Tierra Todun is owned and operated by wife & husband team, 

Shirene Garcia and Curtis "Ifa Sakin" Williams.

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